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Hit Robot Group

Hit Robot Group

Hit Robot Group is a robotics company founded in 2014.

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The Harbin Institute of Technology Robot Group, also known as HIT Robot Group (or HRG), focuses on robotics and artificial intelligence technology innovation and commercialization. Its functions include research and development, productization, startup incubation, and business operation. HIT also has lots of strategic partners.

Divisions of HRG

HRG has divisions in the industry, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Industry Division

HRG's Industry Division fosters incubated companies at different life cycle stages in the areas of smart factory, smart city, industrial robotics, special operation robotics, service & medical robotics, intelligent equipment, and entertainment robotics.

Smart Factory

This unit leads the Chinese industry and helps manufacturers set up a smart factory, focusing on products for food & drug, agriculture, vehicle, healthcare, new energy, 3C production lines, appliance assembly, and metal products processing.

Industrial Robotics

This unit not only provides industrial education, but also mechanical core parts & architecture, and its solutions.

Special Robotics

This unit targets robot applications in complex and special environments, providing professional robot products and solutions suitable for any area scenario.

Service Robotics

This unit focuses on the research and development (R&D) of intelligent robots to serve a better life.

Intelligent Equipment

This unit focuses on the advanced manufacturing industry, automation of emerging industries, development of intelligent equipment, and the refining of key technologies.

Entertainment Robotics

This unit is also known as the HRG Cheerbb Culture Development Co., Ltd., and provides the planning, design, construction, and operation consulting services ranging from tourism attractions, theme parks, to science museums.

Entrepreneurship Division

This division serves the incubation of entrepreneurial projects, promotes industry-university-research cooperation & the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and promotes the growth of incubating companies.

Innovation Division

In this unit, the company's R&D efforts on core technologies and products are being supported, by providing services on technology consulting, talent training, and project development.

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