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DyeCoo Textile Systems

DyeCoo Textile Systems

DyeCoo Textile Systems is a Weesp-based chemical company developing a water-free and chemical-free textile dyeing solution from waste CO2.

DyeCoo Textile Systems creates carbon dioxide dyeing that is pure without any process chemicals, wastewater, and water. The process does not then involve wastewater treatment. DyeCoo uses patented and industry-proven technology based on CO₂, instead of the water. The dye is distributed evenly over the fabric and the technology allows for easy color correction. The dyestuff penetrates deep into the fibers creating intense colors with excellent quality characteristics.

DyeCoo is the only company that has been able to scale up CO₂-based textile processing technology to a proven industrial scale, winning industrial and commercial endorsements from both textile mills and end-users. The DyeCoo is also energy-efficient, having CO₂-dyeing as a dry process, eliminating the need to evaporate water. The addition of efficient color absorption and short batch cycles makes this technology very energy efficient.


The CO₂ being used is reclaimed from existing industrial processes, recycling 95% of it in a closed-loop system. The technology uses the reclaimed CO₂ as the dyeing medium. When pressurized, CO₂ becomes supercritical (SC-CO₂). In this state, CO₂ has a very high solvent power, allowing the dye to dissolve easily. Because of high permeability, the dyes are transported easily and deeply into fibers, creating vibrant colors.


With its 130 tons of steel and pumps, the DyeOx is an impressive piece of equipment. DyeOx consists of three dye vessels, each with a loading capacity of 20 to 200 kilograms, adding up to a maximum daily capacity of 4000 kilograms. The device uses reclaimed carbon dioxide as the dye carrier. Its beam dyeing process is suitable for woven, jersey, and yarn. It features batch-to-batch repeatability, 98% dye uptake, easy fabric loading, no reduction cleaning necessary, fully automated hydraulic-door handling, fully automated CO2 flush-cycle, and more.


DyeCoo Textile Systems was founded by Reinier Mommaal.

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