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Cronospad is a decentralized launchpad for launching low-capitalization projects on the Cronos blockchain.

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Edits on 9 Jun, 2022
Guzaliia Karimovna
Guzaliia Karimovna edited on 9 Jun, 2022
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The developers of the CronosPad crypto project are positioning themselves as the first major project to launch a micro-cap launchpad on the Cronos blockchain.

The main attributes of the project:

Guaranteed accommodation. Storage of CronosPad tokens guarantees access to a guaranteed distribution of tokens from new projects. The number of available tokens for purchase is directly proportional to the number of tokens and the time it is held.

Level system. The level system has been designed to give launchpad users the most rewards.

Curator projects. All projects launched on Cronospad must go through a rigorous evaluation and selection process. This will serve as a filter against fraudulent or outright weak crypto projects.

Access to early sale. All projects launched on Cronospad will have the opportunity to conduct preliminary token sale rounds.

Features of the CronosPad token:

In addition to the standard set of features, such as opening access to crypto project token sales, staking rewards, access to pre-sales, etc., the token will provide access to exclusive NFT airdrops.


In addition, the developers have already indicated how exactly the tokens will be distributed among all project participants:

38,5% - Treasure

12% - Private token sale

12% - Marketing

12% - Team

9% - Grants & Incentives

7% - Advisors

5% - Seed sale

2,5% Liquidity & Exchange

1,5% - Public Sale

0,5% - Airdrop

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