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Credit Saison

Credit Saison

Credit Saison is a Japanese financial services company.

Credit Saison is a Japanese financial services company. They will fulfill their corporate social responsibility by striving to meet the expectations of all of their customers, shareholders, and business partners. They will compete successfully in the market by promoting their three shared values: practical implementation of the principles ofcustomer satisfaction as a leading-edge service company; mutual respect for their interests and those of their business partners; and developing a corporate culture of creative innovation.

They aim to develop and offer many settlement instruments such as credit cards and prepaid cards to reduce reliance on cash, which is still the main way to settle transactions, and enable a cashless society. With measures to promote personal consumption, they are working to expand their client base, their card transaction value, and the scope of card settlements.

With their entire corporate marketing system reinforced, they are working to move various kinds of corporate payments to cashless settlements by providing optimal solutions that match the needs and scale of companies.

They are working to establish multiple core earnings pillars through stronger relationships with their partners and the provision of financial functions tailored to market needs in their lease rental, credit guarantee, and finance-related businesses.

In the rapidly-changing Internet business sector, the Company has stepped up its agile cooperation with companies with outstanding content and with startups that have promising technologies, along with efforts at new business development, in a bid to expand its Internet business.

They are preparing a foundation for a longer-term overseas strategy with an eye on forming strategic partnerships with local companies and Japanese companies expanding in these markets to enable us to advance in Asia’s non-bank market.

Based on their belief that the personal growth of their staff constitutes the growth of their company, they are bolstering human resource development initiatives that make effective use of individual strengths and support the active participation of women in the workplace.



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Leslie Shaffer
December 16, 2020
The goal is to boost financial inclusion in Southeast Asia, the companies said.
Nikkei Staff Writers
December 10, 2020
The financial services group readies $10 million for microlenders in Vietnam and Indonesia.
Peerzada Abrar
January 22, 2020
The two companies have jointly developed a unique co-origination model through which they will both contribute capital to deliver last-mile credit to MSMEs across the country
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