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Anya Gildner

Marketer and Author

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Gil & Anya Gildner both worked remotely for years, and started remote work when they started to freelance. They met while working at the same company, in the marketing department. In 2017 they left the company to start their own, and decided to create a distributed company.

In 2017, Anya cofounded Discosloth as a distributed search marketing company.


She is the author of Becoming A Digital Marketer, a guide for entry-level marketers published by Baltika Press. Gildner presented at the PaidSocialShow onin April 11th 2019, a fringe event of the BrightonSEO conference in Brighton, UK.


March 28, 2019

Gil & Anya publishedpublishes Becoming A Digital Marketer in 2019.
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