AI Samurai

AI Samurai

AI Samurai is an artificially intelligent robot capable of holding conversations in English and Japan developed by Nextremer and their artificial intelligence platform A.I. Galleria.

AI Samurai is an interactive conversational robot based on Nextremer's artificial intelligence system called A.I. Galleria, which uses a multi-modal interaction system. This gives it facial recognition software so that it can recognize and communicate with humans in real time. AI Samurai's creators have designed it to be a guide and information provider at events and conferences.


Engineers from technology company Nextremer have embraced their cultural heritage and created AI Samurai. The cultural image of the samurai was chosen because of the fascination people still have with the traditional of the samurai. AI Samurai has been deployed and tested at events and conferences, the counters of banks, highway service areas and on television shows.

AI Samurai was introduced at Texas' SXSW Interactive in March 2016 on it's first stop on a world tour for Nextremer to show AI Samurai's conversational ability.

Conversation AI

AI Samurai was initially developed to be displayed at international events and it was programmed to converse only in English at first. Through its conversations with visitors during events held in Japan, AI Samurai learned, and is now able to hold conversation in, Japanese. From the creators:

During the tour, AI Samurai will relentlessly take up the challenges in the real world through conversations with people from around the globe. The Samurai without a sword will henceforth interact with humans and keep seeking the ultimate answer for harmonious coexistence.

People can also play a quiz with AI Samurai called "Warlords Diagnosis." It consists of the robot asking a user a set of questions then matching up their character to a popular Japanese warlord from the Warring States period (1467-1568) in Japan.


Competitors to Nextremer's AI Samurai include Softbank's Pepper, which offers facial and emotional recognition and is a conversational robot; Hitachi's Emiew3, which is a short, agile conversational robot; Sanbot's Elf, which is a conversational robot intended for use in hospitality, retail and public service sectors; Amy Robotics, which develops an array of service focused conversational robots; UBTECH's Walker, a bipedal, humanoid robot able to hold conversation and interact with objects; and Samsung's Bots, including their Bot Retail, Bot Care and Bot Air, each of which serve specific purposes using conversational AI to engage users.




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