We are out to build the best resource for canonical knowledge.
The platform for processing and compiling knowledge
Frictionless tools to compile knowledge
Golden is building an interface to compile and comprehend knowledge. Frictionless editing, enhanced fact validation systems, transparent version histories and topic tracking.
A new standard for evidence
Golden will compile deeper evidence to validate claims and verify knowledge. High-resolution citations and bibliometrics will allow users to determine the provenance of information and evaluate source credibility.
Human knowledge meets AI
Golden draws on the strengths of both humans and machines. Statistical models and heuristic algorithms will handle repetitive work and automate the process of gathering knowledge.
Meet our team
We are based in San Francisco, Croatia, and the Czech Republic. Our team is comprised of engineering, design, product management, and business development.
Carla Faraguna
Ops & People
Carla takes care of People and Operations at Golden. Carla spent 5 years at Fandom and enjoys wearing all the administrative hats from HR to OM. Her passions include traveling to far-flung scuba diving locations, trekking in the mountains, and bringing her infectious energy into building Golden’s office and culture.
David Stumm
Often found hood up and feet on desk, David focuses on Golden’s backend. Previous to Golden, David studied Computer Science at the University of Toronto and did backend engineering at Heyzap for multiple years.
Dave Hrdlicka
Civil engineer by training and self trained software engineer, Dave handles making our front end responsive, snappy, and reliable. You might find Dave out on a sailing boat over the weekend.
Jan Stepnicka
Self-educated front-end developer with a master's degree in Civil Engineering. When not in front of a computer, Jan spreads joy through the game of soccer or through his guitar.
Jed Christiansen
Business Development
Jed is a builder and operator. He created Seed-DB and built products at Techstars. Previously Jed built a partnerships team at Google, consulted for banks in London, and ran submarines in the US Navy. He has an MBA (Cambridge), an MS (London School of Economics), and a BS in Aerospace Engineering (University of Michigan). He has sea stories, but you definitely won't hear all of them.
Jude Gomila
CEO & Founder
Previously Jude started Heyzap which is now used by 100,000 mobile apps. He enjoys building products, tinkering, reading, thinking and investing (from 3D printed rockets to supersonic planes). He holds an MEng from University of Cambridge in Engineering.
Michael Mangus
Michael is Golden’s NLP and augmented intelligence specialist. Previously, he was a founding member of the Media Neuroscience Lab at UCSB (PhD ‘15) and a debater on the NDT/CEDA circuit for the University of Pittsburgh.
Ivo Skarica
Frontend developer, with a history in mobile and web apps. B.Sc degree in Computer Science. Really enjoys cooking and big comicbook fan.
Thomas Shaddox
Thomas builds products by working across all parts of the Golden tech stack. Originally hailing from Missouri, Thomas loves backpacking in the mountains of California, putting together LEGOs, and trivia nights.
Rhys Davies
Musician, cyclist, StarCraft 2 enthusiast and nerdy about building stuff, be it with programming languages or physically. A Londoner with a preference for the Bay weather over the dreariness of home, you’ll find Rhys hacking away at something Pythonic or Ops-y with noise cancelling headphones on, walking his Dachshund, Noodle or blowing down Valencia Street in the cycle lane.
Charlie Hilton
Marketing & Design
Charlie is a designer, marketer, and product person. He most recently served as Head of Marketing for Plug and Play and led their proprietary software division, Playbook. If you see Charlie with his headphones on, he's almost certainly listening to a podcast—no headphones?—he's thinking about typefaces.
155 Montgomery St. Ste. 700
San Francisco, CA 94104
Join our mission
We are looking for like-minded, curious engineers to join our team in pursuing this challenging goal. If you are interested in working on this problem, please explore our current openings.
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