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Waste Control Specialists

Waste Control Specialists

A company providing treatment, disposal and interim storage of low-level radioactive waste in the United States.

Waste Control Specialists (WCS) offers the treatment, storage, and disposal of Class A, B, and C low-level and mixed low-level radioactive waste, hazardous waste, and byproduct materials in the United States. It operates compact waste, federal waste, hazardous waste, byproduct disposal, and treatment and storage facilities.

WCS's 1,338-acre facility for the storage and disposal of radioactive waste is located on its 14,900-acre site in western Andrews County, Texas. It is situated on a 600-ft thick red-bed clay formation, this unique natural barrier ensures safe and permanent disposal of radioactive waste. The facility provides a one-stop location for treatment, storage, and disposal of low-level radioactive waste (LLRW) and mixed low-level radioactive waste.

WCS disposal services are used by LLRW generators in Texas and 34 other states that do not have an operating compact facility. LLRW generators include nuclear power plants, hospitals, and research centers. WCS provides similar disposal options for the U.S. Department of Energy at its Federal Waste Facility and at its Byproduct Waste Facility.

WCS, with partners Orano USA and NAC International, has submitted an application to the NRC for a license to construct and operate a Consolidated Interim Storage Facility for used nuclear fuel. In March 2018, WCS and Orano USA announced their intent to form a joint venture to license a consolidated interim storage facility (CISF) for used nuclear fuel at the WCS site. The joint venture will request that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission resume its review of the CISF license application originally submitted in April 2016 and docketed by the NRC for review in January 2017 (Docket No. 72-1050).

In January 2018 J.F. Lehman & Company (JFLCO) announced an investment affiliate had acquired Waste Control Specialists LLC from Valhi, Inc. WCS has a strategic partnership with JFLCO portfolio company NorthStar Group Holdings, Inc, a leading provider of specialized environmental and technical services for commercial and government end markets, to support domestic electric utilities in safely decommissioning nuclear power generation sites.




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