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Vim (text editor)

Vim (text editor)

An open-source text editor for programming. It was created by Bram Moolenaar in 1991.

Vim is text editor for writing computer code. It is based on the vi editor for a version of UNIX. It is charityware and is free to use with users being given the option of making a donation for a cause in Uganda. It is usually used on Windows, Linux, and macOS and supports hundreds of programming languages, such as C and Python. It can be used for tasks such as programming, system administration, and heavy edit of plain-text files.

Vim has several modes: insert mode, command mode, and last-line mode. Each mode allows for the programmer to complete different tasks using alphanumeric keys. Text can be stored on registers and motions and text-objects allow for programmers to streamline their editing. Motions are keyboard shortcuts that move the cursor in the program. There is a repeat feature when a programmer needs to do the same edit again and again. There are also plug-ins that can be added to the platform. Programmers can also edit web sites on remote servers using Vim. They can open a secure shell (SSH) connection and run Vim.


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