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Is an engineering company that offers comprehensive solutions in the field of heating individual housing.

The scope of the Company is to provide comprehensive solutions in the field of heat supply of individual housing. Our main goal is reflected in the title - Heat for you. Our credo: Warmth to you, innovations to heating , because we keep up with the times and are familiar with new, modern installation technologies and devices.

We design heating, water supply, sewerage and air conditioning systems.

The company:

- select solar systems for hot water supply, pool heating and heating system maintenance;

- we calculate and select heat pumps for complex heat supply of your house;

- we provide heat supply on the basis of solid fuel boilers, air recuperators;

- calculate and select the power supply system from solar panels (photovoltaic systems).

The purpose of our company is to provide customers with competent engineering solutions when choosing heating equipment, because our reputation is important to us.

We offer a wide range of thermal equipment from well-known European manufacturers - Vaillant, Viessmann, Protherm, Saunier Duval, ATMOS, VIADRUS, REHAU, Ekoplastik Wavin, Kermi, Meibes, Honeywell, Herz, Galmet and others.

We provide installation of heating equipment of any complexity and types of materials.

We start and adjust the equipment.

In addition, we provide ongoing technical support before, during and after the sale of equipment.

We will provide the optimal solution for you by technical and economic calculation - justify the payback period of the proposed equipment, determine the best option or combination.

The company TeploVam - economical heat for your home.

Design and installation of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water supply and sewerage systems. The whole range of turnkey equipment and services. Warranty on equipment and work from the manufacturer and additional from the company.

Selection of solar collector systems, photovoltaics and heat pumps. Smart home, heating control from a smartphone. Solar panels at a green rate, energy-independent house, energy saving loan IQ energy - full support.

Sale of the whole range of heating equipment.

Including: gas boilers (Vaillant, Viessmann, Protherm); electric boilers (Kospel, Protherm, Ferroli); solid fuel boilers (Atmos, Viadrus, Protherm, Kvartal); liquid fuel boilers (Vaillant, Viadrus); underfloor heating (Rehau, Herz, Kisan); electric and indirect heating boilers (Vaillant, Galmet, Drazice, Atlantic, Elektrolux, Reflex); radiators for heating systems: steel panel (KERMI, Purmo, KORADO, Caloree), aluminum (Ferroli, Global), bimetallic (Global, Radiatori 2000). Pumps and pumping stations (Grundfos, Halm, Pedrollo, Willo), expansion tanks (Zilmet, Imera, Elbi). Pipes for heating systems (Ekoplastik Wavin, Rehau, Herz), Towel dryers and design radiators (Mario, Polywarm, Kermi, Purmo, CORDIVARI, brandoni, Hotech, Caleido, BOKI), solar collectors (Vaillant, Kospel), heat pumps (Vaillant , Panasonic, Daikin),



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ТеплоВам, Інжинірингова компанія

ТеплоВам, Інжинірингова компанія


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