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Starmind is a Zurich-based software company and provider of AI-powered collaboration platform, founded in 2010. is a privately-held software company that provides an AI-powered collaboration platform for organizations. Starmind was founded in 2010 by Marc Vontobel and is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. Starmind's stated mission is "to make collective human intelligence accessible to everybody."

Starmind provides its proprietary knowledge collaboration platform, Starmind AI, a single platform powered by human-centric patented AI that connects every employee to an organization’s best-available knowledge, available in real time. The platform's AI uses self-learning algorithms based on neuroscience and artificial neural network research to learn who knows what on any given topic, identifies the best colleague to help solve a problem, regardless of title, department, or location, and automatically poses questions to the right person.

The Starmind platform is intended to replace traditional solutions, collaboration tools, enterprise search engines, and document repositories and to increase collaboration, speed up decision making, boost productivity, break down silos, retain knowledge, help new joiners get up to speed, connect knowledge across regions, connect people in real-time across cultures and countries, and recognize employees’ contributions across the entire organization. Global corporations, Fortune 500 enterprises, and non-profit organizations across 125 countries utilize the Starmind platform.


May 9, 2018
Starmind raises $25 million Series A round.
2010 is founded by Marc Vontobel.

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