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Advanced Search is a company that offers interfaces and spreadsheets that are designed to offer a database and project management capabilities company was founded by Matt Robinson and Murali Mohan, in 2017, in San Francisco, California, United States.

The spreadsheet that the company offers provides a database with real-time updates and messaging. The data types go beyond text and numbers, and can work with ratings, icon sets, collaborators, links to rows in other worksheets, and attachments. These data types can be applied at the column, range, and individual cell level. The software allows for drag and drop documents and images into cells, as well as importing from a dropbox of drive. Also, thumbnails are created, and clickable, to open full document previews.

The links that are created using can link between any rows in any worksheets, workbooks, and workspaces, and update automatically. Rows can be opened in form view to work with data like a record in an application, and to see history.


October 17, 2017 was founded by Matt Robinson and Murali Mohan


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