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Renovia is a Boston-based medical device company developing diagnostic and therapeutic devices for women with pelvic floor disorders.

Renovia is a medical device company that is discovering and delivering digital therapeutic and diagnostic devices for women with pelvic floor disorders.

Renovia was launched to diagnose, treat, and improve the lives of millions of women via a platform of innovative sensor technologies that is combined with a digital health platform. This platform enables visualization and treatment of weakened pelvic floor muscles in real-time, while obtaining actionable compliance and progress data on women’s pelvic health and restoring pelvic health by strengthening pelvic floor muscles via clinically benefiting solutions, which is paramount to treating the underlying causes of pelvic floor disorders.

The company is combining the development of innovative FDA cleared medical devices with patient based app technology and data management systems to empower patients to take back control of their pelvic floor muscles. Its medical devices and mobile application uses patented technology, micro-sensors, and bluetooth communications that are designed to provide improved value-based care, track progress and reinforce compliance and adherence.

The company's leadership team offers expertise and experience in disciplines that are critical to understanding the design and development, engineering, regulatory, medical, compliance, project management, finance and commercialization of medical products and therapeutics that are transformational to patients, caregivers and health care professionals.


April 20, 2021
Renovia raises a $17,000,000 series C round from Ascension Ventures, Longwood Fund and OSF Ventures.
September 2018
Renovia raises a $42,300,000 series B round from Ascension Ventures, Cormorant Asset Management, Inova Strategic Investments, Longwood Fund, OSF Ventures, Perceptive Advisors and Western Technology Investment.

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