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Pyaterochka 5ka

Pyaterochka 5ka

Federal retail chain Pyaterochka is the largest Russian chain of grocery stores "near the house"

Federal retail chain Pyaterochka is the largest Russian chain of grocery stores "near the house".

Pyaterochka was founded in 1998, the first retail chain store opened in 1999 in St. Petersburg. In 2019, a new retail chain concept was introduced and the first renovated store was opened in Moscow, as well as a large-scale retail chain renewal program was launched. The Pyaterochka federal retail chain is managed by X5 Retail Group (ticker on the London Stock Exchange and Moscow Exchange - FIVE, Fitch rating - BB +, Moody's rating - Ва1, S&P rating - BB +, RAEX rating - ruAA +).The X5 Retail Group network includes Perekrestok supermarkets, Karusel hypermarkets, as well as distribution centers and trucks.

It's all about about Pyaterochka - freshness and quality, leader in convenience, low prices and discounts, community care.

1998 founded "Pyaterochka"

775 839 million rubles —net revenue for 6 months. 2020

17 000 total stores nationwide

1 120 in a new concept

Why is it reasonable and profitable to buy at Pyaterochka? The answer is simple - Pyaterochka is always nearby, prices are low, the range of its products is wide and varied, various discounts and promotions are available for customers in stores.

  • Freshness and quality

We make sure that each guest can please himself and his loved ones with delicious meals and snacks and pay great attention to the freshness and quality of our products. In the stores in the new concept, we prepare fragrant crispy pastries directly on the sales floor, increased the range of fresh products, allocated a special area for relaxation and recharging mobile devices, installed a coffee machine and a juicer - and now everyone can buy freshly squeezed orange juice from us or invigorating coffee.

  • Low prices and discounts

Minimum prices are set for the most popular goods in Pyaterochka, and a number of products of a socially significant group go on sale with a zero margin.

In all Pyaterochkas for pensioners, there is a 10% discount on Mondays from the opening of stores until 13.00, and on all other days a 5% discount upon presentation of a pension certificate, a certificate issued by the territorial body of the Pension Fund, or a pensioner's social card at the checkout. For shops with round-the-clock operation, the discount is available from 8:00 to 13:00. Check with a nearby store for times and dates of discounts in your area.

Every Wednesday there is a discount on all* products for customers with children under 12 years old. The discount is valid every Wednesday throughout the day, for shops with round-the-clock operation, the promotion is valid from 8:00 to 23:00.

  • Leader in convenience

Pyaterochka stores are always nearby, and we are constantly improving, piloting and implementing various innovative solutions to become even more convenient for our guests. Thus, we are introducing electronic price tags, installing self-service checkouts, as well as new technological equipment (refrigerators, freezers).

  • Community Care

Pyaterochka, as the main convenience store, is a place of daily shopping for a large number of consumers. We are aware of the scale of our impact on the environment and strive to reduce the burden on the environment.

Pyaterochka sends for recycling 100% of plastic, cardboard, paper and other types of non-food waste that are generated as a result of logistics operations and the daily work of stores.

We do not give away free plastic bags at the checkout. And as an alternative to disposable bags, we offer our guests reusable bags. To encourage the purchase of an eco-friendly bag made of raw cotton, we accrue double points for it to the Help-Card loyalty card. In addition, in the fall of 2019, Pyaterochka launched reusable bags for weighing fruits and vegetables.

In our new concept stores, we use shopping baskets made from recycled plastic.

We attract partners and install vending machines in stores - special machines for collecting used plastic and aluminum containers for their subsequent processing. Thus, we offer our customers another practical solution to help ensure the separate collection of waste.

We strive to ensure that as much of the used materials as possible becomes a raw material for recycling, and as little as possible becomes garbage sent to landfill.

Since 2019, in all our stores, together with the Liza Alert search and rescue team, the Safety Island project has been implemented. All employees of Pyaterochka stores undergo special training, they know how to identify disoriented people and know how to act to help them. Thanks to the “safety islands”, which are already located in more than 17,000 Pyaterochka stores in 66 regions of Russia, more than 500 people were able to return home.



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