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A company making an electronic device charger capable of charging and sanitizing phones using UV light.

PhoneSoap is a company making an electronic device charger capable of charging and sanitizing phones using UV light that is headquartered in Provo, Utah and was founded in 2012 by Dan Barnes, Jordan Monroe, and Wesley LaPorte. According to the company's website their PhoneSoap charger eliminates 99.99% of germs from electronics it charges using a ten-minute cycle of UV-C light. The PhoneSoap charger can eliminate bacteria from a variety of objects such as phones, smart watches, headphones, credit cards, car keys, and any other object that will fit inside the PhoneSoap charger.

PhoneSoap is made to be used at home or in healthcare settings to prevent the spread of illness in nursing stations, waiting rooms, NICUs, and other medical facilities. All PhoneSoap chargers come with a one year limited warranty with an option to purchase an extended warranty plan.


In 2012 the founders of PhoneSoap launched a Kickstarter campaign and raised $63,000 in crowdfunding for their PhoneSoap charger (which was 3.5 times their original goal of $18,000). In 2013 the first batch of PhoneSoap chargers were manufactured in China, and in 2014 the company officially launched their product selling 22,349 units.

In 2015 PhoneSoap participated in the TV show Shark Tank and partnered with Lori Greiner. The company also ran another Kickstarter campaign in 2015 for their PhoneSoap XL for sanitizing tablets. Their Kickstarter campaign raised $65,000 which was over 2 times their original goal of $30,000. In 2016 their second version of PhoneSoap and the PhoneSoap XL was launched.



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