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Marketone Inc.

Marketone Inc.

Marketone Inc. is a technology company specializing in developing hologram products.


Marketone Inc. (Marketone) is a Seoul-based technology company with a focus on developing and producing contactless solutions using hologram technology. It was founded in 2019, and the company developed its products rapidly as the demand for contactless solutions increased due to the arrival of the COVID-19 virus and how quickly it can be spread through contact. This technology is predominately used in elevators and is useful in cities and countries that have a lot of highrise buildings, such as South Korea. Marketone's products have been installed in places such as Cheongju International Airport and Yeongdeungpo Tax Office.


Marketone's products are physical boxes that produce holograms for functional purposes. Many of the products are intended to be installed in an elevator and have holographic touch buttons to operate the elevator. This allows the user to move from floor to floor by touching the hologram in the air rather than touching a physical button in the elevator. Because there is no actual surface the user touches, viruses and germs have nothing to hold onto and thus have less of a chance of spreading to whoever uses the elevator next.

The company has developed several products that have similar functions. Some are intended to be installed inside the elevator, and others can be used outside the elevator. There is also a product that acts as a security feature for using an elevator. In a building that needs to be secured, the device can verify identification via a handprint reading that is done using a hologram.


Marketone, Inc. is founded.


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