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LifeShip is on a mission to preserve Earth's genetic code and propagate life across space and time. It's a mission to backup Earth's biosphere and spread life in the universe. LifeShip's first product is a consumer kit for people to add their DNA to the code of Earth.

LifeShip catalogs Earth's DNA and propagates copies across space and time. LifeShip's mission is to preserve a billion year record of Earth's genetic blueprint and spread life in the universe. Humans can add their DNA to this genetic record of Earth.

The company's first mission is a miniature genetic biobank backup of Earth, saved on the Moon. The company's longer vision is to send Earth's code to other star systems, with the eventual goal of spreading life. It is built on long term thinking to ensure life and Earth's legacy lasts for billions of years.

LifeShip's initial product is the Moon Kit, a consumer genomics kit for people to add themselves to the LifeShip. Customer's DNA gets added, along with other species, and preserved as part of the codex of Earth. This gets preserved in an artificial amber polymer and embedded in miniature arks. These hitch a ride on shared rockets and lunar landers.

LifeShip partnered with Arch Mission Foundation to create a solar system wide backup of human knowledge and Earth's biology. Arch Mission already sent a first Lunar Library to the Moon in 2019. It contains a 30 million page archive, including all of Wikipedia. Future missions will include an expanded knowledge archive, a primer to teach human language, and the genetic codex of Earth.

The LifeShip mission is to help preserve biodiversity here and now on Earth, as well as have a greater billion-year impact on the existence of life in the universe. LifeShip connects humanity to space and time in a new way. It is a mission to inspire people and connect them with life and the cosmos.


February 19, 2019
LifeShip incorporated


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