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Intelligent Robots

Intelligent Robots

A company that designs and produces robots for manufacturing purposes. It is located in London, England and was founded in 2016.

Intelligent Robots is a London-based robotics company which specializes in the production of vision-guided cloud-enabled mobile robots. The company has the stated mission of using artificial intelligence and algorithms to make manufacturing robots affordable and easy-to-use.Its autonomous mobile robots are intended to democratize manufacturing conveyor systems to improve productivity within an industrial setting.The company states that their products are to be used in order to aid human workers in hopes of avoiding physical exhaustion and to also help employers when labor shortages should arise.


The company's product is a robot known as "RPUK", which uses algorithms, sensors, and machine learning to adapt to the changing environments within warehouses. It can navigate between picking, packing, and sorting stations without any human guidance. RPUK can also complete material transport, allowing for human workers to dedicate their time to more meaningful tasks.

Clients of Intelligent Robots come from various industries such as e-commerce fulfillment, retail, and light manufacturing.



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