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Hexas Biomass

Hexas Biomass

Hexas Biomass is an Olympia, Washington-based biomaterials company using dedicated crops and agricultural residue to replace wood and petroleum-based materials, as well as using regenerative farming for run-off capture and soil remediation.

Hexas Biomass is a biomaterials company that focuses on the production of regenerative, plant-based raw materials that replace wood and fossil fuel-based materials in multiple applications. Their plant-based materials apply to energy, chemicals, packaging, textiles, composites, structural/non-structural products, bioremediation, and more. The company aims to make the highest and best use of plant-based materials.

Xano Grass™

Hexas Biomass cuts and uses grass, but does not make use of the trees. The company grows Xano Grass™ on non-crop producing land. They sell Xano Grass™ fiber as a replacement for wood & fossil fuel-based feedstocks.

Hexas Biomass develops proprietary varieties of a giant perennial grass, which they call Xano Grass™. Xano Grass™ is perennial, fast growing, yields 25-35 dry tons of biomass per acre year-over-year, is highly pest-resistant, grows in different climates and soil types, tolerates drought, and has low ecological demand. Xano Grass™ feedstock can supplement or replace wood and fossil fuel-based feedstocks in multiple applications while providing the same or better performance at a lower cost without the need to alter existing manufacturing systems.

By optimizing Hexas' plant-based raw material based on a specific application, they meet their customers’ needs to replace, or supplement, their current wood or fossil fuel-based feedstock at a low cost without sacrificing product functionality or aesthetic appeal.


The benefits of Xano Grass is that the product is good for building long-term relationships with farmers, outperforms other biomass crops in bioenergy and biofuel production as a US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved bioenergy crop, good for the soil and planet, has reliable long-term production, and not costly.


Xano Grass™ is used to produce fiberboard, including medium density fiberboard (MDF), high density fiberboard (HDF), Oriented Strand Board (OSB), particleboard, softboard, and plywood. Xano Grass™ can be used alone or in combination with wood to produce these panels and provide the same or better physical and mechanical performance at a lower cost without the need to alter existing manufacturing systems.


Xano Grass™ and micanthus are US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved bioenergy crops. Xano Grass™ produces lower greenhouse gas emissions throughout its lifecycle than other EPA approve biomass crops.

Energy pellets

Xano Grass™ can supplement the use of wood residuals in the production of industrial energy pellets. Torrefied Xano Grass™ provides the same or better energy density as coal, burning at or above 9,000 BTU/pound vs 8,800 BTU/pound for conventional coal.


Hexas Biomass' planted-based raw materials also can be used in the following applications:

  • Renewable natural gas/biogas
  • Biochemicals
  • Bioplastics
  • Pulp and paper
  • Bioremediation
  • Bio-composite reinforcement
  • Animal bedding
  • Packaging
  • Textiles


July 1, 2020
Hexas Biomass was founded by Wendy Owens.



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