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Dietsmann provides independent operations and maintenance services for oil, gas, LNG and power plants.


Peter Kutemann founded Dietsmann in the Netherlands in 1977. His enterprise started as a technical assistance company, serving those oil and gas companies in the Netherlands about to produce their first gas discoveries off the Dutch coast. At that time, these companies employed full-time technical personnel for operation and maintenance, and only in exceptional cases, was highly specialized work subcontracted.

Dietsmann grew rapidly and opened its first international office in Aberdeen early in 1982. Later that year, Dietsmann France S.A. was established to focus on the Francophone markets. In 1987, Sudmarine in Marseilles was acquired. This company had a substantial mechanical maintenance business and a well-established French spare parts procurement capability.

In 1989, Dietsmann acquired Setram in the southwest of France, which was in the electrical and instrumentation fields and a contract base with the French oil industry. Their branches in Gabon and Congo further strengthened Dietsmann's African presence. The mechanical, electrical and instrumentation capabilities in these countries were merged.

In 1996, Comerint was acquired from Italy's ENI Group. It had a new but complementary range of products, markets and clients. As Snamprogetti's main operations service company, Comerint was firmly established on the Italian industrial scene. Comerint began new regional establishments in Nigeria, Libya and Saudi Arabia.

In 2019, Dietsmann employed more than 5,700 people and has a local presence in countries in West Africa, East Africa and North Africa, the Caspian Sea Region, Russia and Latin America.


In 2013 Dietsmann’s revenue rose to €414.1 million, 27.9% higher than the €323.6 million achieved in 2012.



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