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Definix is a crypto investment platform on DeFi.


Definix is a crypto investment platform on DeFi for investors who want to invest in crypto assets that are tradable in liquidity mining. It is also for professional traders who desire to possess their own crypto fund. Participants are required to pass the Finix Challenge, a paper trade on chain.


‌FINIX is a governance token that developers make to let token holders decide the future of a protocol. Governance token holders are able to influence decisions surrounding the project like proposing or deciding on feature proposals or making some changes to the governance system itself.

FINIX is an ecosystem token within the Definix platform and can only be received by staking cryptocurrency that is supported on the platform. The uses of FINIX include the following:

  • Investment Privilege: FINIX token offers certain privileges to token holders, like financial products on Definix, particularly Definix’s investment products.
  • Ecosystem Token: Ecosystem token holders influence project decisions like suggesting or deciding on feature proposals as well as changing the governance system.
  • FINIX Challenge: The FINIX token is utilized as a resource in the FINIX challenge. Traders who want to be Fund Managers on Definix are required to participate in the challenge. Only qualified traders earn the right to develop and manage their own fund.



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