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Cube Network

Cube Network

High Performance Modular BlockchainSupporting Multi-Chain Architecture

"Dyson Sphere" Compatible

Cube is the integration of high-performance, unmatched compatibility, exceptional security and lightning speed that allows us to break-through the Blockchain Trilemma

"Chaos" Consensus

Cube uses a hybrid randomised DPOS Protocol, which we named “Chaos” Consensus

This protocol is based on DPOS consensus and introduces a random selection mechanism for nodes, which allows more nodes to participate in the consensus and increases the decentralisation of the system

Modular Layered Architecture

Cube adopts a modular architecture which is divided into three layers: Execution Layer, Settlement Layer and Data Availability Layer

This architecture specially designed for scalability and expansion

Instant Execution

The Execution Layer is the key to Cube’s scalability

Combine built-in ZK-Rollup and our self-developed Collaborative Rollup mechanisms Cube can achieve fast, low-cost and secured transactions

The "Time Crossing" Cross-chain protocol

We have redefined what “cross-chain” means

With “Time-Crossing” we can achieve full compatibility with Cosmos IBC and EVM-based chains and their ecosystems

"Non-Linear Unlimited" Storage

Solves data fragmentation through unlimited capacity expansion, providing cost-efficient permanent storage

Simple and efficient data localization mechanism that provides rapid access to data

Each slice shares the validator collection to achieve increased security and decentralization


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