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CO2 Capture Project

CO2 Capture Project

A group of major energy companies supporting industrial-scale C02 capture and storage technologies for the oil & gas industry.

CO2 Capture Project (CCP) is a group of major energy companies working together to advance the technologies that will underpin the deployment of industrial-scale CO2 capture and storage (CCS) in the oil & gas industry. Since its formation in 2000, CCP undertakes more than 150 projects to increase understanding of the science, economics, and engineering applications for CO2 capture and storage in the industry. The insights from this work are critical in helping to reduce or eliminate carbon dioxide emissions associated with the ongoing use of fossil fuels.

CCP4 program

The CCP4 program continues the work. The capture program aims to further knowledge in the three CO2 capture scenarios (refinery, heavy oil, and natural gas power generation), together with a new scenario – CO2 separation from natural gas production. Within CO2 storage, the CCP4 program continues to demonstrate safe and secure geological containment through field-based monitoring and the development of robust intervention protocols. The current CCP4 (CCP phase 4) participating organizations/members are BP, Chevron, and Petrobras.

CO2 capture and storage

CO2 capture and storage or CCS is an appropriate emissions reduction technology that helps address the challenge of reducing carbon dioxide emissions while the world develops alternative energy sources. Over the past years, CCP does more than any other single industry body to advance the science of CO2 capture and storage.


CCP’s work divides into a series of phases, with work covering the four areas:

  • Storage, Monitoring, and Verification
  • Capture
  • Policy and Incentives
  • Communications



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