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Aurabeat is a company developing COVID-19 HVAC systems.

Aurabeat is developing filters for existing HVAC systems and stand-alone home-use systems that filter and kill SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the respiratory illness COVID-19. The company’s antiviral filters have been installed in government buildings, hospitals, and blood donation centers throughout Hong Kong. Aurabeat donated units to the Statler Hotel, which has been used to house Cornell University students in isolation due to COVID-19.

The Aurabeat Sanitizing Air Purifier is certified to eliminate >99.9% of airborne COVID-19. The air purifier has been certified by the US-based not-for-profit research organization MRIGlobal and has been cleared by the FDA as a medical-grade sterilization air purifier. The Aurabeat Sanitizing Air Purifier includes three filters, UV disinfection, and plasma sanitization that degrades virus cell membranes and eliminates the DNA and RNA of viruses, including COVID-19. The system uses a high-efficiency antiviral H12 HEPA grade filter embedded with antiviral formula. A pre-filter captures hair, fiber, and large particles. A nanocrystalline filter removes gasses, formaldehyde, benzene, volatile organic compounds, and odors. A UV disinfection lamp sanitizes the air, filter surfaces, and the interior of the unit. The plasma generator generates positive and negative ions that neutralize in the air, which produces energy to eliminate microorganisms in the surrounding air.

The founders of Aurabeat have also invented acoustic air filtration technology that uses sound energy to enhance filtration and reduce energy consumption. Aurabeat has a patent for an air filter and method of filtration that incorporates the generation of acoustic waves propagated into the filter media as a means of enhancing filtration efficiency.



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Hannah Miao


September 8, 2020


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