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Applied Value Group

Applied Value Group

The Applied Value Group is a professional services and investment group.

Company Overview

Applied Value Group provides strategic management consulting services to manufacturing, process, communications and media, and service corporations worldwide. It offers a range of strategy, finance, and operations management services; financial advisory and execution support services covering acquisitions, mergers, leveraged buy-outs, and investments; competence development services that include assessments to help organizations benchmark peers and understand the overall development need, as well as training programs in various forms that include self-studies, classroom training, workshops, and more. The company also provides investment services for the acquisition of ownership positions in public and private companies.


Established in 1997 by co-founders Bruce Grant and Jan Stenbeck, Applied Value was created as a management consultancy firm, is headquartered in Boston with 7 offices worldwide: Stockholm, Shanghai, New York, London, Hong Kong, Detroit, and Boston.

The Applied Value Group is a professional services and investment group. Their business is strategic management consulting, complemented by merger and acquisition advisory and management training. The Applied Value Group combines Management Consulting, Private and Public Investments, and Social Responsibility. The company's engagements create shareholder value through analysis, strategic advice, and emphasis on action. Clients include leading international companies in several sectors, ranging from heavy industry to services and private equity.


Applied Value has invested in CosmosID on Jan 27, 2016. This Series B investment in CosmosID was valued at $6M. It has also invested in Division 5 on Jan 2, 2019, an undisclosed amount. Applied Value LLC has $11.9M in revenue annually.

AVG provides corporate entrepreneurship programs, financing, and deal structuring, e-procurement strategy, technology portfolio management, operations strategy, acquisition analysis and valuation, post-merger integration, and corporate strategy.


January 2, 2019
Division 5


Corporate Minority

January 28, 2016

Series B



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