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Alna Group

Alna Group

Alna Group is a global IT company headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania. The company was founded in 1989 and as of 2017 it employs 350 people.

Alna Group is a global IT company headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania. The company was founded in 1989 and as of 2017 it employs 350 people. Alna Group consists of the following companies: Alna Software, Alna Intelligence, Alna Business Solutions, Doclogix, BPO House and HR Factory.


Alna Group began its activities in 1989, when the company started selling computers in the region of the Commonwealth of Independent States. In 1994 Alna Technical Centre was established, providing IT support services, subsequently, Alna Trainings Centre was opened in 1995, offering IT training services.In 1996 Navision Software LT was established, its main focus was developing enterprise resource planning systems. Navision Software LT was sold to Danish company Navison in 2002 which in 2004 was bought by Microsoft.Alna Group signed a franchise agreement with Office 1 Superstore in 1999 and Alna Office Systems was established. Alna Office Systems was later renamed to Daily Service and subsequently sold to Peninn in 2007.

In partnership with Microlink, Alna established Doclogix in 2003. Alna bought out Microlink shares in 2004 and became the sole owner of this company. Doclogix currently develops its own document and business process management system.Alna started focusing its businesses into separate legal entities in 2004. Alna Business Solutions specializes in development and implementation of enterprise application solutions, Alna Software specializes in custom software, while Alna Intelligence main focus is IT consulting and services.

Alna Training Centre was sold to Baltic Investment Fund in 2005.In 2004 Alna Group acquired Unitree, a Latvian IT infrastructure solution provider, which was sold to its management in 2015. In 2005 Alna Group acquired PerSimplex, an Estonian IT solutions company.

In 2005 Alna acquired a controlling interest in PerSimplex, an enterprise resource planning solutions provider in Estonia, it later became a subsidiary for Alna Business Solutions. Alna Business Solutions established its subsidiary in Poland later that year. Alna acquired Ensofcon, a Poland-based enterprise resource planning services provider in 2008, which was later merged into Alna Business Solutions Poland based office.

In 2008 Alna Group acquired 100% shares of ENSOFCON Sp. z o.o., a polish based ERP services provider. The company later became a subsidiary of Alna Business Solutions in Poland. In 2010 Alna Group acquired Prime people a human resources management and recruitment consultancy firm, which is now known as HR Factory.

In 2009, BPO house, a business process outsourcing company was founded in 2009.In 2010 Alna Group acquires Associates, a human resource consulting firm, which is now known as HR Factory.In 2012 Alna Business Solutions enters into a partnership agreement with SAP.

Current companies

Alna Group has offices in Lithuania, Poland, and Denmark. As of 2017, the following companies are a part of Alna Group:

  • Alna Software – custom software solutions and implementations;
  • Alna Intelligence – IT infrastructure services;
  • Alna Business Solutions – development, implementation and maintenance of business-management solutions;
  • BPO House – business-process outsourcing services;
  • Doclogix – solutions for document and process management
  • HR Factory– recruitment and consultation services
Previous companies

Companies that were part of Alna Group:

  • Navision Software LT (sold)
  • Alna Training Centre – IT training center (sold)
  • Unitree – IT infrastructure service provider (spun out)
  • Daily service – office supply solutions (sold)



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