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AVR is a Rozenburg-based waste management company using circular economy concepts to create recycled products, energy, and heat.

AVR is an organization with many years of demonstrable experience in the field of reliable and clean processing of residual waste. AVR specializes in the processing of various types of residual waste, whether wastewater, paper pulp residue, household & commercial waste, waste wood, or hazardous residual waste. AVR continuously strives for maximum recovery of energy and materials from this residual waste through effective, efficient, and safe business operations.

Circular economy

AVR makes maximum use of products and materials and minimizes value destruction, reusing products as much as possible. In order to be able to extract something valuable from residual waste, AVR has a smart combustion technology offering economical and sustainable solutions to extract even more value from residual waste.

CO₂ reduction

AVR converts residual waste into heat and electricity for companies and households. This energy replaces the use of gas and coal and prevents CO₂ emissions from these fossil fuels. AVR also avoids CO₂ emissions through the recovery of raw materials - metals and minerals from the bottom ashes, TopCrete from the paper sludge processing, packaging material from the separation plant, and CO₂ from the flue gases. In 2019, AVR prevents the emission of approximately 186,000 tons of CO₂ by recovering raw materials.

CO₂ capture

AVR captures CO₂ with its CO₂ capture installation and supplies the CO₂ to greenhouse horticulture. Greenhouse horticulture needs CO₂ and heat to grow their plants, vegetables, and fruit. This makes CO₂ a necessary product.



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