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Yuan Chain Coin

Yuan Chain Coin

Yuan Chain. 324 likes · 3 talking about this. A corporate level Blockchain platform developed by a leading high-tech company. The concurrency "YCC" is...

YUANCHAIN (YCC), a new generation of basic application public chains. Based on the YUANCHAIN public chain network, it is naturally suitable for building application contracts such as Defi, NFT, Dao, etc. By building an innovative POS33 consensus mechanism, YUANCHAIN is able to achieve fast block verification and generation while ensuring decentralization, balancing credibility and performance. To address the ecosystem expansion of application-based public chain, the YUANCHAIN supports the expansion of a two-layer and multi-chain architecture to create parallel public parachain on the basis of themain chain consensus, to improve performance and ecosystem expansion.

Technical features

1.Main chain stability is similar to the Bitcoin, without virtual machines and has high concurrency, the TPS can reach 10,000 levels in the future.

2.The primary hash logs on the parachain are written to the main chain, ensuring it is tamper-proof.

3.Smart contracts and virtual machines can be used flexibly on parachains, with no impact to the stability and security of the main chain.

4.The cross-chain interaction between the parachain and the main chain is efficient and stable, balancing the authority of the main chain with the diversity of the parachain.

5.POS33+BFT, the innovative consensus algorithm, selects some coin-holding nodes as block producers and block validation nodes, which is similar to the jury system, balancing fairness and efficient consensus.

6.YUANCHAIN supports the cross-chain bridge to achieve cross-chain transaction with Bitcoin and Ether network.


Technology supports: DeFi, NFT, social tokens, IOU note, assets on chain and trading, points system, preservation and traceability system, wallets, etc.

Potential application areas: flowers, gifts, mobile phones, energy saving, pets, catering, environmental protection, automobiles, home appliances, clothing, electricity, health, education, construction, real estate, trade, artwork, chat, public security, courts, government affairs, etc.

Why do you use YUANCHAIN?

1.Easy to use and accessible.

2.Strong bottom architecture technical and application teams support and maintain.

3.Open ecosystem with technology support, maintained by the core team.

4.YUANCHAIN ecosystem is large in scale and coverage, which facilitates the development of individuals and SMEs.

5.Absorbing domestic and foreign technology, and 100% owning independent and controllable blockchain technology by Chinese team with no foreign technology restrictions on upgrading and maintenance.

6.YUANCHAIN has issued 10 billion tokens and 480 million tokens are used for mining per year. The m


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