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V Flow Tech

V Flow Tech

An energy technology company that manufactures low-cost vanadium redox flow batteries for large scale energy storage application in industries such as the utility and renewable energy industries. It is located in Singapore and was founded in 2018.

V Flow Tech is a Singapore-based company that has created a renewable energy solution with batteries that do not use lithium lead acid or lithium ion. The stated goal of the company is to develop the cheapest and most effective modular vanadium redox flow batteries in the world.


The company's product is called "PowerCube" and is energy storage solution for the utility and renewable energy industry. It has a lifespan of 25 years and has flexibility of varying power. PowerCube can be integrated into solar photovoltaic systems and wind turbines in micro-grids. It can store electricity in megawatt hour levels and provide grid services at the transmission and distribution level. The company states that PowerCube is optimal for commercial buildings and data centers that need an uninterrupted supply of energy.

V Flow Tech's PowerCube has been used on a solar farm in Malaysia and has powered 90 homes. It is also in partnerships with companies such as RedDotPower, SolarIn, adani, and ers*.



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July 24, 2018


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