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Zero emission, quasi-solid state lithium/sulfur and silicon/sulfur batteries based on nano-crystalline monoliths.

Theion is design a novel sustainable battery to power all mobile devices.

Ranging from headphones, telephones and computers to cars, airplanes, rockets and to robots.

The Theion Crystal Battery

Theion are bringing mobility of everything to the next level. Crystal Battery Cells extend your car reach, your communication, you listening to music, your travelling in a sustainable, safe, performant and price competitive way.

Theion Crystal Cells – for a wireless, mobile, sustainable world.

The base for the battery is sulphur; sulphur is an industrial byproduct and abundant – no new mining is required. The production processes are inspired by nature and designed to be energy friendly.

Estimate 20x less energy needed compared to today's lithium batteries! We pledge to highest sustainability standards for other components (e.g. local lithium sourcing vs. shipping from Australia).

The battery is designed for recyclability and thus easy, safe and cheap to recycle.



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