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Sunlabob Renewable Energy Ltd.

Sunlabob Renewable Energy Ltd.

Sunlabob Renewable EnergyWe focus on renewable energy applications that are technically, economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

What We Do

Sunlabob provides full-spectrum support for renewable energy projects, from “soft” consultancy, design, training and monitoring services to “hard” supply, installation and maintenance.

We’re experienced in on and off-grid electrification, from grid-tied solar rooftops to solar farms and solar-lanterns to decentralised mini-grids, including water pumps, vaccine fridges and many other renewable energy applications.

Common to all these activities is our trademark engagement with community stakeholders, commitment to quality components and encouraging sustainability through entrepreneurship.

Whether yours is a stand-alone project inspired by an individual, a business or an on-going programme run by a Development Agency, NGO or Government, we can help with;



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