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OMD Optimum Media

OMD Optimum Media

The international network communication agency OMD Optimum Media was founded in 1992 and today offers a wide range of services in the field of communication and media services.


Agencies of the Optimum Media OMD Group offer a wide range of services in the field of communication and media planning, media services:

  • Market research, data analysis
  • Strategic media planning
  • Optimization and Procurement
  • Creation and implementation of non-standard media solutions and new communication channels (product placement, sponsorship, ambient media, digital projects, etc.)
  • Marketing research, econometric modeling.

The OMD OM GROUP includes:

Independent agencies and departments that provide a range of services in the field of election, communication and media planning, media procurement, marketing and media research, development of implementation and new and non-standard media projects:

  • OMD Optimum Media is a full-service marketing communications agency.
  • OMD AMS is a full service media agency.
  • OMD Davinci - strategic and tactical planning.
  • OMD Resolution - expertise in the field of placements, services and digital production.
  • M2M is a media service for companies from various business segments.
  • MediaPlan is a full service media agency with core digital expertise.
  • OMD Fuse - non-standard projects, sponsorship and projects in the field of sports and entertainment.
  • EasyMedia is a full cycle marketing communications agency.
  • Media Instinct Group is a group of specialized agencies (Media Instinct, Air Media, Horizon) specializing in media services: strategic and tactical planning, media buying, research.
  • Regional Media Solutions - media planning and procurement in the regions.

Among the clients:

PepsiCo, Wimm-Bill-Dann, Henkel, Ferrero, Schwarzkopf, Datsun, Carlsberg, Heinz, MediaMarkt, Bosch, Siemens, VISA, Levi's, HP, Renault, METRO, Nissan, SONY, Intel, McDonald's, FritoLay, Wrigley, Henkel, Campina, MegaFon, Paulig, BEKO, Euroset, IFD Kapital and others



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Optimum Media OMD Group (Russia). Simply the best.


April 22, 2010

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