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Monaco Planet

Monaco Planet

Monaco Planet will evolve from a SocialFi platform into a Metaverse platform with an entirely new user experience named Monaverse.

Monalisa NFT will be the core IP of this brand new metaverse.

1.Holders of Monalisa NFT will have enhanced weight and reward while mining Mona.

2.Monalisa NFT will grant holder access to a mysterious 3D space within Monaco planet

3.Monalisa is determined to be the pinnacle of virtual pop group, it is consist of uniquely characters and variety of emotions.

4.Creation of diversified fashion brand will bring Monalisa from the virtual world to the real world fashion scene. Monalisa fans will have early access to purchase rare items, such as clothes, shows, hats and other accessories.

5.Development of simulation and combat games, and enabling Monalisa as in game main character.



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