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Molecular Products Group

Molecular Products Group

Molecular Products Group is a Harlow-headquartered company designing and manufacturing life critical devices for the treatment of breathable gases founded in 1924.

Molecular Products Group is a designer and manufacturer of life critical devices for the treatment of breathable gases. They develop technology to sustain human life in finite air situations. Their product range includes activated carbon filtration media for air purifying respirators and carbon dioxide absorbers for the removal of carbon dioxide.


Founded in 1924 as a producer of lab-based and industrial chemicals, Molecular Products Group changed their name from Medical Practitioners United Drug Co. as their company focus changed from lab-based and industrial chemicals towards chemical oxygen industry. Their industry change started in 1978 with a Medisorb contract and in 1982 with North Sea exploration activities where Molecular Products Group supplied industrial diving and safety products. Their continued focus on the chemical oxygen industry included the acquisition of MSA Britain's oxygen business and Bardyke Chemicals in 1991 and the 1999 development of oxygen backup systems for the NASA International Space Station.


In 2016, Molecular Products Group was acquired by Arlington Capital Partners. The financial details of the deal were not disclosed.


September 23, 2014
Molecular Products Group raises a $5,367,000 venture round from Business Growth Fund.

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