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Mercurity Swap Protocol

Mercurity Swap Protocol

Mercurity is an open DeFi platform powered by swap.

A quick overview of the key features planned for Mercurity.Finance:

Swaps (Mercurity Swap Protocol) — Be a General Partner (GP) of your very own liquidity pool. Set your transaction fees. Get the best asset prices across pools with our on-chain smart order routing (SOR) engine. Mercurity Swap enables community autonomy for each liquidity pool. Each pool is like an independent fund, and Mercurity Swap becomes the infrastructure for ETF funds, helping to build an ecosystem that allows everyone to create and operate an ETF fund.

Lending (Mercurity Lend Protocol) — Stake your LP tokens to earn interest and lending pool governance tokens from lent trading pairs. Mercurity Liquidity Lend Protocol is a fully decentralized, money market protocol for staking LP tokens to lending trading pair assets. The Mercurity Lending protocol is designed to improve the LP’s capital utilization and allow lending users to obtain liquidity benefits from impermanent losses.

Impermanent Loss Insurance (Mercurity Insurance Protocol) — Stake LP tokens to earn premiums and insurance pool governance tokens. Pay premiums with your LP tokens to lower impermanent losses.

Synthetics (Mercurity Synthetic Asset Protocol) — Issue synthetic assets based on your risk appetite and investment preferences.


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