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Lamden is a cryptocurrency company founded in 2017 by Stuart Farmer.

TAU is the currency that powers the Lamden Blockchain. It allows you to pay for transactions — which can include interactions with Lamden Apps, Currency Transactions and more.

Lamden is focused at being the first end-to-end development suite for blockchain applications. We do not focus specifically on smart contracts on a pre-existing system, but rather creating new and custom blockchains and decentralized systems that are not encompassed within the application space of smart contracts. Those who know a thing or two about smart contracts know that there is a limited subset of what they can do. The tools that Lamden is making supersede that subset and expose a development environment wherein any type of decentralized application can be developed.

This could be as explicit as a blockchain that we are all familiar with or as detached as a social media application, where people are storing and sharing information that is dear to them and owning that data on their own personal server. This type of application cannot be developed on top of existing blockchain platforms due to extreme costs and rigidness of the systems.

For fast blockchain solutions, Lamden is the top Python-Based blockchain cryptocurrency creation platform for the next generation of dApps. Contact us today.



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April 29, 2019

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