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Kristopher Gasteratos

Kristopher Gasteratos

Founder & President, CAS (the Cellular Agriculture Society)

Kristopher Gasteratos is the founder and president of CAS, the Cellular Agriculture Society, an international 501c3 nonprofit based in the US and a former VIP Venture of the Harvard Innovation Lab. He is a former student, scholar, and researcher of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences at Harvard University.

Kristopher started his career in cellular agriculture in 2015 after his research in a tissue engineering lab. This inspired him to to conduct the first and largest market research on cellular agriculture spanning 3 years and multiple continents, which led to results that escalated investor and public interest in cell-based meat and cellular agriculture globally.

His ambition to accelerate cellular agriculture then brought him to Harvard where he became the first cellular agriculture researcher and scholar at the University and the Ivy League. In August 2017, Kristopher published the first entry of the Neomnivore Trilogy: Nature & the Neomnivore. This literature, which served as the first comprehensive environmental report on cellular agriculture, ranked as a top trending work at Harvard among all publications at the university and placed cellular agriculture into the international spotlight. In 2016, he began the initial framework of CAS, leading to a two year journey developing the programming at CAS, along with a website which would provide the platform to build an international movement.

Overall, his work on cellular agriculture has contributed to his authoring excerpts in cellular agriculture books/articles, for example, “Clean Meat” and interviews for media outlets like ABC, the San Francisco Chronicle, and cellular agriculture documentaries like Bite to the Future and Horn Maker. As a world renown expert on cellular agriculture, Kristopher’s speaking engagements in the past range from leading international discussions giving guest lectures at Harvard and Stanford, to talks on cell-based meat and cellular agriculture at conferences on effective altruism and food technology.



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