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KocDigital is an Ümraniye-based IT consulting and IT services company and a subsidiary of KocSistem.


KocDigital is an IT consulting and IT services company that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of KocSistem, Turkey's largest informatics company. KocDigital was established in collaboration with KocSistem and the Boston Consulting Group, with the objective of being a leading solution partner for advanced analytics and the internet of things (IoT) for companies in sectors including automotive, finance, energy, consumer durables, and retail. KocDigital is also aiming to develop a qualified resource of human resources in advanced analytics and IoT locally to Turkey through the KocDigital Academy.


For analytics, KocDigital offers solutions for use across industries, including the following:

  • Predictive maintenance solutions
  • Video analytics, particularly for social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Occupational health and safety solutions
  • HR analytics to understand people's productivity
Internet of Things (IoT)

For Internet of Things (IoT), KocDigital offers various solutions predicated on the company's Platform360—an IoT platform that monitors and manages assets to create business value and work with KocDigital's analytics offerings. KocDigital also offers solutions including remote asset management, a manufacturing execution system, a manufacturing information system, an assembly management system, Platform360 energy monitoring, connected mine, production analytics, predictive maintenance, and demand forecasting.

KocDigital Academy

The KocDigital Academy is a data and analytics program offered online and developed for people in business. The program supports remote learning with interactive workshops and seminars intended to train participants on data and analytics topics to bridge business and technical perspectives to accelerate analytics adoption at organizations.



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