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Kalamint is a clean NFT marketplace on Tezos founded in 2020.

Kalamint (KALA) is the first NFT marketplace on Tezos

Kalamint (KALA) is the first community-owned NFT marketplace on Tezos.

It was important for us that we represent our users, creators! With that in mind, we wanted the name to represent "freshness" and "colour" so we chose the word Calamint.

Calaminth is any fragrant Eurasian plant in the genus Satureja (or Calamintha) that has clusters of purple or pink flowers.

With this in mind, we thought it would be wise to make a slight change to the original spelling and change it to "Calaminth". "Kala" represents art in almost every language of the Indian subcontinent. The original root is in Sanskrit.

All in all, Calamint strives to represent art, freshness and color!

There are currently many different marketplaces to choose from; each of them has its own distinctive features and can be divided into two main groups: supervised and non-supervised. Curated marketplaces such as SuperRare, Makersplace, Known Origin, Nifty Gateway, and AsyncArt require artists to apply to participate in their platform. Every week they receive hundreds of applications and determine who will mint their platform. While on a curated platform, artists have access to a specific audience of collectors and various tools, such as various types of auctions.

Uncurated markets such as Rarible, OpenSea and Mintable have no barriers to entry, so anyone can mint if they connect their crypto wallet. They serve as a great starting point for many artists. With full openness, certain questions arise; Chief among them is plagiarism. Since there is no curation here, it is difficult for the platform developers to keep track of everything that is posted, and immoral people can end up profiting from stolen art.

Most platforms have a team responsible for running it, but others like Rarible have tried to create a DAO by issuing their own governance token. Every week, Rarible is giving away 75,000 RARI tokens to all buyers and sellers of the platform. Airdrops are determined by weekly sales fees. The idea is very noble to have a token to incentivize artists and collectors using the platform. The problem arises when the system is abused by detergent dealers, people who create art and buy it from themselves using a different account to get those $RARIs. In addition, there is little incentive for holders to keep their tokens, so they are thrown into the market and negatively affect the price. This defeats the purpose of empowering participants through participation in the DAO.

We have also noticed that the leading NFT platforms are currently running on Ethereum and their volume has decreased due to the increase in the GAS price for ETH transactions.

After observing and analyzing the current NFT ecosystem, we determined that we wanted to combine and improve the various options available:

Community Driven NFT Marketplace Solution

1. Cheap transactions and minting - Kalamint is powered by Tezos, so minting and transaction costs only a fraction of a cent!

2. Rapid curatorial onboarding - The Cala Mint has developed a unique management system where the Guild's group of artists and collectors can quickly connect and screen new artists.

3. Irrevocable Giveaways - The $KALA Governance Token will be given away to artists and collectors of the platform on a weekly basis. To incentivize coin holding, holders who wager their coins will be able to make offers to the Guild and receive a percentage of the commission on each sale.

4. Screening against flush trading - A two-stage screening will be carried out that uses algorithms and physical verification by the Guild to prevent flush trading.

5. No Plagiarism Policy - We cherish the work any artist does and do not tolerate any copyright infringement on the platform.

6. Values ​​over profits - we strive to provide the best service; our goal is not maximum sales; it provides the highest quality NFT platform and user experience. We aim to set the standard for future NFT marketplaces.

Kalaminet (KALA) approach

After many conversations with various artists and collectors, we have come to the conclusion that making Kalamint the best NFT platform; users must participate in the decision-making process. As developers, we must continue to focus on the technology side of the platform and allow the people who understand this ecosystem best to lead the way. Even with their busy schedules, they took the time to talk about the peaks and valleys of the existing Ethereum network, the management of other platforms, and how to improve them.

The main idea was that the platform should focus on quality, not volume. This was an eye opener as we assumed that the large market size would be beneficial for both authors and collectors. It was a huge discovery that platform curators are most often unaware of the target audience they serve and their expectations. Therefore, platform developers often fail to analyze perfect market fit. We must express our gratitude to our community, as we are very lucky that we found such a talented community that helped us a lot and responded.

From all these conversations, the concept of the Guild was born.

Guild: An association of people to help each other or achieve a common goal.

In the future, we want this to become a successful DAO, so we're building the foundation now and combining it with a small level of centralization, guild members. The DAO will have the right to make suggestions to make recommendations to the Guild and even nominate members to become part of the Guild.

Role of Kalamint (KALA) in the guild

The founding guild will be divided into creators, collectors and overseers. Only 24 people. Some places will remain free in all categories so that we have room to accommodate people who will join the community in the future.

The Calaminta Guild will consist of the following members:

1. Creators - 10 total (6 at launch);

2. Collectors - 10 in total (6 at start);

3. Guardians - 4 in total (voted by DAO).

Once launched, new creators must submit a Kalaminet verification form in order to be admitted to the platform. The guild will then review and approve the author. One of the main reasons for creating a guild is to make the onboarding process quick and hassle-free. We aim to be a bridge between curated and non-curated platforms. Creators can then get community votes to become part of the guild if interested.

Creators and collectors can:

1. Vote to add members to the guild;

2. Vote to remove guild members;

3. Suggest and vote on platform features;

4. Propose reward mechanisms and vote for them;

5. Screen artists who can mint and trade on Calamint (check artists).

Overseers will have the following decision-making powers:

1. Suggest artists to guild members for review;

2. Suggest verified performers to be removed from the platform;

3. Propose to change guild pending guild vote.

Participate in a vote that will require a tie-break

Guild Rewards

-Founding Members - Additional $KALA rewards;

-Weekly promoted content through the platform and other media channels;

-Regular guild members will receive a share of the platform's commission.



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'Make an offer' using $KALAM, $XTZ, $PLENTY, $KUSD or $CRUNCH on Kalamint



December 21, 2021



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