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Jane Metcalfe

Jane Metcalfe

An American businesswoman and entrepreneur who founded NEO. LIFE and co-founded Wired Magazine. She was born in 1961 and resides in San Francisco, California.

Jane Metcalfe is an American entrepreneur who starts and invests in companies in a variety of industries, such as media, food, technology, and real estate.

Background and Education

Metcalfe was born in Louisville, Kentucky and attended college at the University of Colorado, where she studied International Relations.


In 1993, Metcalfe co-founded Wired Magazine with Louis Rossetto. The magazine covers technology and how it affects people's daily lives. Following the sale of that company in 1999, she founded TCHO Chocolate. This company produced and sold chocolate using locally-sourced farmers and also invested in technology for the farming process to produce the product. In 2017, Metcalfe founded NEO.LIFE. This is a magazine that covers topics such as biohacking, drugs, fertility, genetics, and more.


Metcalfe has served on multiple boards, including the UC Berkeley Foundation, the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, the Expression Center for New Media, the Stone Research Foundation, and more.


May 2015
Metcalfe wins a Webby

Metcalfe wins a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Webbys for her involvement in Wired Magazine.

Wired Magazine is launched

In 1993, Metcalfe co-founds and launches Wired Magazine.

October 15, 1961
Jane Metcalfe was born in Louisville.
October 7, 1961
Metcalfe is born

She is born in Louisville, Kentucky.


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