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Finday is a social web directory and search engine based on Google's technology.

Finday is a social web directory and search engine based on Google's technology that is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, and it's funded by Grupo Intercom. It provides users a website ranking system that isn't based on statistics but on human criteria (see below: FindayScore), and a directory of websites commented and evaluated on by users.

The website also includes a large amount of important data concerning each site: who owns it, where it's located, what language it's available in, web traffic figures or its popularity within the ranks of the largest Internet communities among others.


Finday users can rate with a score from 0 to 10 the most relevant aspects of the sites listed in the search listings. There are different parameters users can use to rate a site based on its content. The current score for each site is listed to the right of its description, this is called "FindayScore".

The FindayScore of a website represents the value attributed to it by Finday users. It isn't a simple average based on all the scores the website has received, but a weighted average. This means it's modified by other factors such as its popularity on Finday, loading speed, its traffic according to Alexa, etc. In other words, the FindayScore mainly considers reviews submitted by users on the most important aspects of a website, but it's automatically modified by other parameters that contribute to improving the validity of the review.

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In addition to the main URL, Finday owns for its localized contents in Spanish.



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