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Maximize yield by holding ElonDoge NFTs while staking EDOGE tokens. In order to gain even greater staking rewards and maximize yield return, you must hold ElonDoge NFTs, doggie astronaut! There are many ways to obtain these space artifacts, including participating in our in-house auctions, or searching across the OpenSea galaxy for them. Not eve...

What Is ElonDoge?

ELONDOGE is a project that takes the mission to prepare society for the Mars colony seriously. With $EDOGE, we can power the Mars society with a universal basic income thru the reflectivity mechanism, expanding liquidity while producing endless ELON+DOGE NFTs as a proof of culture. These NFTs may very well turn society to supporters of the Mars mission!

EDOGE is the native utility token that is used for:

Funding the Perpetual NFT Machine to incept society.

Increase the Liqiudity pool

Universal basic income for the believers of the Elon + Doge culture

ElonDoge roadmap includes: 1. EDOGE farm 2. EDOGE NFT Auction 3. EDOGE NFT apy boosters 4. More

How Many EDOGE Coins Are There in Circulation?

EDOGE is on the Binance smartchain protocol, at inception there will be 1,000,000,000,000,000 EDOGE but 30% will be sent to a dead wallet, 30% to farm supply and 40% to initial liquidity with 20% sold for BNB to complete the pair.

Who Are the Founders of ElonDoge?

ElonCapitan and his dog - Dogemater as well as the robot he built for this rocketship - Muskbeater.



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