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Your cryptocurrencies are not ours

We are a digital platform that allows you to operate with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies without the need to be an expert in the sector. With Bitnovo you will be able to manage all your cryptos for free with total freedom and availability.

More than 5 million Spaniards already make use of cryptocurrencies and the number continues to increase. With our ATMs, you can offer a value-added service to your customers, attract new ones and increase your billing effortlessly.

If you are someone who prefers to have closer contact with the customer or do not have space for the cashier, we offer you a service sale coupons built into your computer.

Open your business to a global market without barriers, reaching a new generation of customers. With Bitnovo Pay in your online store, you can charge in cryptocurrencies; No volatility, no legal risks, chargebacks and limitations; receiving euros in your bank account.


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