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Bio-Med Devices

Bio-Med Devices

A company that sells a line of transport ventilators for full patient range (neo-adult), plus a line of air/oxygen blenders & ventilators for MRI.

Bio-Med Devices, Inc. provides engineering services to the medical industry, supplying ventilation solutions including critical care and transportable respirators/ventilators, air - oxygen blenders, ventilation monitors, disposable and reusable breathing circuits, and accessories.

The company is based in Guilford, Connecticut and has been providing transport ventilators for the medical field since the 1970s. Bio-Med Devices has ISO13485 certification and has built a team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers as well as experts in pneumatics.

COVID-19 Pandemic

With the increase in ventilator demand during the COVID-19 pandemic the company has hired 12 new staff members on the manufacturing line, with staff members working overtime during the week and weekends.



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