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Amblyotech is a digital therapeutics company.

Amblyotech is a digital therapeutics company that was founded by Robert Derricotte (COO) and Joseph Koziak (CEO) to develop technologies that were originally discovered by Dr. Robert Hess. In collaboration with Ubisoft Entertainment SA, McGill University and the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre, Amblyotech is developing active and passive video therapies to treat amblyopia, an ocular condition that affects 3% of the world's population and leads to monocular blindness.

Amblyotech's approach uses an active gaming and passive video technology with 3D glasses to train patients' eyes to work together, yielding a therapeutic effect. Its software employs a unique visual presentation, called dichoptic display, where each eye is presented with a different image using a proprietary algorithm to obtain co-operation with both eyes working together to view a full image.

In early clinical studies, Amblyotech's software demonstrated improvements in vision in both children and adults with faster onset compared to standard of care treatments.

Amblyotech Inc. is committed to the advancement of treatments and diagnostics for amblyopia and other ocular disorders. Amblyotech has been acquired by Novartis. After the acquisition, Novartis intends to pursue the development of Amblyotech's novel digital technology for the treatment of amblyopia, also known as "lazy eye."



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