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eoLithic was a Norwegian Counter-Strike team.

In the middle of September in 2002 a new clan was formed in Norway. The name of the clan was eoLithic, and the team mainly consisted of the old star-team from the country, Spacebar. The clan was a product of the split of Spacebar after a dispute with the internet-cafe Spacebar and bsl on one side and the rest of the team on the other. The team left and instead formed eoLithic. After they had taken elemeNt with them, who earlier played in GameOnline, they got the lineup of knoxville, Naikon, Luke, nVy, Damien and elemeNt.

It was truly an impressive lineup consisting of players of the absolute top-level of the CS scene in Norway. It was a clan that would prove that Norway belonged in the top of the best teams in the world - but this was just a heavy understatement of what they really did. The clan became one of the most successful clans that ever existed in the history of Counter-Strike.



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