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The International company “ZemlyakoFF” is a recognized leader among the producers of plant protection products.

Under the brand name «ZemlyakoFF» are producing about 50 modern preparations that have no direct analogues in the combination of active ingredients, or their formulations.

«ZemlyakoFF CROP PROTECTION» – is a brand that brings together products for plant protection. This line is represented products for comprehensive protection from pests, diseases and weeds of key crops – wheat, sugar beet, sunflower, maize, soybean.

All products are manufactured at the European factories in compliance with European quality standards.

All science laboratories are equipped with the most modern equipment and devices, which allow to create a new effective, more environment-friendly and safe products.

Zemlakoff’s quality control system designed from a scientific laboratory, where the products are being created, to the results of its application on the agricultural fields .

An extensive dealer system, as well as the presence of a professional and competent regional representatives of the company «ZemlyakoFF» guarantees farmers a prompt and quality service.



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