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Walter White Jr.

Walter White Jr.

The fictional character in the crime drama series Breaking Bad

Walter Hartwell White Jr. is Walter and Skyler White 's 17-year-old son. Born with cerebral palsy, he has some difficulty speaking and uses crutches. Otherwise, he struggles with the typical identity problems of every teenager, which has the effect, among other things, that he would like to be called Flynn by those around him. Walter Jr. has an unusually good relationship with his parents, but after his father's cancer, he prefers to seek advice from his uncle Hank, whom he admires.

His favorite meal of the day is breakfast, as made clear in the first season. He has suffered a lot from the separation of his parents. He goes to JP Wynne High School. The same school where his father, Walter , was a chemistry teacher.

walter jr suffers greatly from the cancer diagnosis and the increasing estrangement of his father. At times he only wants to be called Flynn because his first name reminds him too much of his father. When his parents split up at the beginning of the third season because of Walt's drug dealings, he stayed with him despite Walt's departure and often insulted his mother because he had no idea about his father's illegal activities. Only towards the end of the series, when his mother Skyler and his aunt Marie tell him about Walt's drug empire and it is revealed that his uncle Hank was shot by the Aryan Brotherhood because of Walt's business dealings, does he finally turn against his father and also take the first name "Flynn" as a real first name.

In the series finale, Walt catches one last glimpse of his son hiding behind Skyler's apartment.


July 8, 1993
Walter White Jr. was born in Albuquerque.


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