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UniqueOne Photo (FOTO)

UniqueOne Photo (FOTO)

Unique One Photo is a next generation decentralised NFT photography marketplace for the growing world of digital photography and design.

Unique.Photo is the world’s first decentralised NFT Photography Marketplace. It’s a permissionless platform with the same ethos as Unique.One — A platform for the community, by the community.

Like Unique.One, Unique.Photo incentivises photographers instead of profiting off of them. Photographers are not charged fees to sell their work — they are rewarded.

On Unique.Photo, photographers can control their own commission, royalties, and licensing. Not only does this prove provenance for photographers, but it makes it easier for buyers to understand how they can legally use an image.

FOTO is a token created on the Ethereum blockchain to govern the ecosystem of the Unique.Photo platform — from NFT Creation Mining to Liquidity Pools, and the Unique.Photo DAO.

FOTO tokens represent being part of the Unique.Photo family and grant special privileges — the ability to vote on governance decisions, contests, mine FOTO as an LP, and receive airdrops.

Unique.Photo also has several FOTO token reward programmes available to users of the Unique.Photo platform. More than 50% of the supply, i.e., 50,000,000 $FOTO tokens, are reserved for rewarding the community.

Unique.Photo is community-owned with net-zero platform fees. Buyers and collectors only pay a low 2.5% platform fee. 100% of these platform fees are then used to buy $FOTO from the market and burn it to reduce the circulating supply and create more value for $FOTO token Hodlers.

FOTO has a Fixed Total Supply Token Model — Only 100 million $FOTO tokens will ever be created.


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May 29, 2021


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