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Ulric Neisser

Ulric Neisser

American psychologist

In 1976, Neisser wrote the work Cognition and Reality, where he formulated the main problems of the discipline. First, he expressed dissatisfaction with the excessive presence of information processing models in cognitive psychology. Secondly, he was inclined to believe that cognitive psychology is not able to effectively solve everyday problems and features of human behavior. Third, Neisser expressed support for James and Eleanor Gibson's theory of direct perception. Neisser notes that cognitive psychology has little chance of realizing its potential without a close examination of the Gibsons' work on perception.

In 1998, Neisser published the paper The Rising Curve: Long-Term Gain in IQ and Related Measures as a result of his work on the American Psychological Association Commission.


December 8, 1928
Ulric Neisser was born in Kreisfreie Stadt Kiel.


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